Paranormal Romance

The Hungering Wolf, by Brenda Williamson


Shadow of the Serpent, by Brenda Williamson

Driven by lust and greed, a man and woman struggle to recover love in the Shadow of the Serpent.

Reporter, Kinsey Waters' past haunts her. A bad break-up has made the last ten years a blur of nameless lovers and has forced her to deal with the loneliness of emotional solitude. When the newspaper wants an article on her now wealthy ex-fiance, she feels she has an inside track on getting a story from the elusive billionaire mogul. While it would assist her move up in her journalistic career, she believes confronting Ty might also help her get over her love-hate memories of him.

Ten years ago, Ty Serpent made a pact with the devil—wealth in exchange for his soul. He gave up the only woman he loved in the hopes he'd one day return to her and make everything right. Only Satan didn't play fair, and Ty soon discovered there was no going back.

When Ty meets up with Kinsey again, he knows it's not by chance. His faith in love, long shattered, brings on the real fear that nothing can save them from the pits of hell.


White Lightning Fever, by Sineth Killiri

Constantly aroused by his animalistic nature, mountain man and moonshiner, Eli Ulbrecht is quick to pounce on the handsome stranger that shows up in his territory. But Ryan Hunt wants to hunt for the one thing Eli cannot let anyone find—a white cougar. While Eli insists there will be no hunting, Ryan’s employer won’t take no for an answer, and Eli isn’t ready to see Ryan leave, so he agrees to help them, finding it the best way to control their search. Besides, how can they find the animal when he is the very beast they hope to capture?

Big game tracker, Ryan Hunt is on an expedition into the remote wilderness of the Appalachians in search of a rare white cougar when he meets sexy backwoodsman, Eli. He can tell right off that Eli is hiding something mysterious from him about the mountain cat, but the frequent sexual encounters between them are a distraction. And each of their unions builds with aggression, until visions drag him into the ultimately rough and feral mating with a cougar. As he becomes closer with Eli, he’s drawn deeper into Eli’s world of witches and moonshine and magic. But can their sexual connection lead to a lasting love or bring about a fatal end for the hunter and his prey?


His Lady Vampire, by Brenda Williamson

Gade hunts and kills vampires. Tanith is his weakness, a sexy blonde vampire he’s fallen in love with. While sporting a sharp wit, she hides her feelings from the vampire hunter, fearing Gade isn’t as serious about a relationship as he is about the hot sex they share.

When a mishap occurs putting him near death, he lets her change him into a vampire. Then things really begin to heat up as well as get dangerous between the two. Her maker is a cruel vampire that doesn’t like to share. But Gade can’t ever see himself losing, his lady vampire.

When the Wolves Whisper, by Brenda Williamson

When Nikita Gant is attacked by lecherous wolves, she doesn't expect one to nobly come to her rescue. Nor does she understand why she's so hot for the handsome man mysteriously living in her grandfather's house.

Leader of the Wolfgar wolves, Trevor Darke wants to breed in order to carry on his name, and he's determined to have the grand-daughter of the previous leader. For a long time, a picture of the young woman who was strangely sent away before he knew her has captivated him, so he lures her home.

Unlike the other wolves that try attacking her with animal lust, he chooses seductive persuasion. But will Nikita succumb to her unexplainable sexual cravings for him, or turn him away when he adamantly claims he just wants a baby and not a real commitment.


Gypsy Wolves: Tornan's Curse, by Brenda Williamson

In the dark, foreboding Black Forest of Transylvania, the beautiful gypsy, Galena travels to her arranged marriage with the master wolf hunter of Dragomir. But en route, a mysterious man that commands wolves abducts her and under the spell of a gypsy hex, she is seduced into submitting her innocence to her enigmatic captor’s lust.

Surrendering to the carnal decadence, Galena embarks on a torrid affair. Torn between trusting a man that makes her tremble with desire and fearing the wolves he masters, she soon makes a choice to escape, never knowing of the dire consequences.

Count Tornan Wolvraine has lived his life as a man cursed by a gypsy. With his ability to shape shift into a wolf, he survives on instinct instead of emotions. When he hears of the impending marriage of the master wolf hunter to a gypsy, he knows he has to stop the union by any means, including killing the bride.

But once Galena’s in his clutches, Tornan feels the draw of a long ago prophesy. Ensnared by the enchantment, he acts upon animalistic impulse with both the lust of a man and a beast in a ritual mating that requires his pack of wolf-shifter’s to bare witness to.

In the end, Tornan and Galena must face something more dangerous than a gypsy curse—they must survive the master wolf hunter’s vengeance?