Historical Romance

Fiachra's Druid Prince, by Brenda Williamson

The beautiful lady Fiachra of Kerne is anticipating passionate love in her life, but during the celebration of Samhain the only thing she grimly sees in her future is an arranged marriage to a druid prince she's never met. Rebellious against her father's plot to join two clans by scarificing her happiness, she flees her village.

When hnadsome Bowen of Druce meets the vibrant Fiachra, he keeps his identity from her in an attempt to get to know her better. But is the charming warrior prince Fiachra’s charming ally or a sly chrismatic kidnapper?

Fiachra and Bowen's disappearance will start a battle between two clans that can only be stopped if she and Bowen return to Kerne.