Gay Romance

The Hot Mechanic, by Sineth Killiri

On a trip from Chicago to Florida for some fun and relaxation, professional photographer, Kyle Barrows’ car breaks down in a rural town in Alabama. He never dreamed his fun would come at the hands of the hot mechanic Larkin MacAvoy. Muscular, hairy and domineering, Larkin is a one-night stand that Kyle wishes could become something permanent.

Larkin has been in a bad mood for some time. When pretty boy, Kyle shows up complaining about his car problems, Larkin wants to ignore him. But the clean-cut, boy next door good looking fellow with the puppy-love expression turns him on and he takes Kyle home for a night of passion that awakens him to the idea of falling in love.


White Lightning Fever, by Sineth Killiri

Constantly aroused by his animalistic nature, mountain man and moonshiner, Eli Ulbrecht is quick to pounce on the handsome stranger that shows up in his territory. But Ryan Hunt wants to hunt for the one thing Eli cannot let anyone find—a white cougar. While Eli insists there will be no hunting, Ryan’s employer won’t take no for an answer, and Eli isn’t ready to see Ryan leave, so he agrees to help them, finding it the best way to control their search. Besides, how can they find the animal when he is the very beast they hope to capture?

Big game tracker, Ryan Hunt is on an expedition into the remote wilderness of the Appalachians in search of a rare white cougar when he meets sexy backwoodsman, Eli. He can tell right off that Eli is hiding something mysterious from him about the mountain cat, but the frequent sexual encounters between them are a distraction. And each of their unions builds with aggression, until visions drag him into the ultimately rough and feral mating with a cougar. As he becomes closer with Eli, he’s drawn deeper into Eli’s world of witches and moonshine and magic. But can their sexual connection lead to a lasting love or bring about a fatal end for the hunter and his prey?